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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Stop Smoking - Good Reasons To Kick the Habit

Kick the habit, stop smoking and lengthen your life. Smoking takes years off your life, according to research. It’s a scientifically proven fact that stopping smoking increases your lifespan. In this article, we shall be looking at several good reasons for you to stop smoking. This applies to all levels of smokers regardless of gender, race or religion. It also applies to anyone, regardless of how long they have been smoking.

Smoking is an addiction.


There are endless reasons to kick the habit and stop smoking. On the other hand, the reasons to continue are very few. It’s a fact that smoking is generally a habit you first acquire without really realizing it.

However, just like me, you end up being physically and psychologically dependent upon it, and it becomes a habit you find tough to break.

A lot of smokers don’t even really enjoy smoking. It’s a compulsion. In my early days of smoking, it was great to be seen smoking, and for that reason, I enjoyed it. Years down the road, it became a burden and difficult to shake off.

They know it’s damaging their lungs and leaves them gasping for breath. However, they’re so addicted they continue to smoke, even if it gives them little pleasure. I had some really deep coughs that won’t shift until l cease smoking for a week or so, and once I feel better, I pick it up again.

Although there are loads of reasons to stop smoking, you shouldn’t do it just because of outside pressure or guilt. Could you do it for yourself?

Therefore, it is essential at the beginning of the smoker’s smoking cessation process to accept that it is an addiction.

Top reasons to stop smoking

Here are my all-time good reasons for kicking the habit.

Increase your life expectancy when you stop smoking

A study conducted over more than 50 years published by the British Medical Journal states that a smoker will, on average, live a decade less than a non-smoker. So increasing your life expectancy is a pretty good reason to stop smoking. Prevent illnesses that affect your quality of life. Everyone knows that smoking can lead to numerous diseases. The most serious of these tend to be different types of cancer and cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses.

These disorders and others can and shorten your life significantly decrease your quality of life. Because you may still live for many years, but you’ll probably have numerous hospital appointments and courses of medication, etc., to deal with.

Improve your physical abilities

If you’re a smoker, you’ll get tired more easily than a non-smoker. In fact, you probably find climbing stairs or going for a walk can be a real ordeal. In fact, sports that require any form of respiratory strength will probably be out of bounds to you. So that’s an excellent reason to stop, increase your physical strength and start to enjoy healthy and fun activities.

Improve your appearance

Smoking affects the appearance of your skin. It makes it dry and ages it prematurely. Smoking also causes bad breath and various dental problems. In fact, teeth often look yellow, as well as your nails and fingers. Then, of course, there’s the smell that clings to you when you smoke. I began to realize that some would rather talk to me at length on the phone than in person. The ex-smokers are particularly guilty of this. Without a doubt, quitting improves your overall appearance and social interaction.

Increase your self-control

Quitting smoking is difficult as it involves overcoming an addiction. So quitting smoking improves your self-control. Quitting smoking is never easy. However, it doesn’t have to be that hard once you’ve decided to do so. You’ll need real strength of character, perseverance, and self-restraint, though. Indeed, it’s a challenge that’ll increase your willpower and, consequently, your self-control. Therefore, you’re not just benefiting your body, but you’re also empowering yourself.

Kick the habit and save money

Nowadays, cigarettes and tobacco are pretty expensive. In fact, if you save what you’ve been spending on your habit for a year, you’ll be amazed at how much money you’ve got. This is an excellent incentive. After all, you can spend the money you would’ve spent on this vice on other things you want to do or want to buy.

Protect the environment and the health of others

In one way or another, those close to you will end up affected by your addiction. They will be forced to endure the poor air quality in the home too. For example, if you smoke at home, they’ll breathe in your second-hand smoke.

You’ll also be adding to environmental pollution to a certain extent. Furthermore, waste from tobacco is the largest source of waste on the streets.

Stop smoking and set yourself free.

Smoking’s an activity that imposes a lot of restrictions on you.

For instance, if you’ve got a long flight or are going to a social gathering where it’s impossible to smoke, you’re going to feel pretty edgy, as well as a bit of an outcast. For this reason, I was not too fond of long haul journeys until I stopped smoking.

Furthermore, as a smoker, you’ll have to go outside every time you want a cigarette. So if you quit smoking, all those social restrictions will no longer apply, and you’ll be able to move around and integrate far more freely than before.

Set an example for the younger generation


It’s quite common for the habit of smoking to be acquired when you’re young. Indeed, if you smoke, you’re sending a message to younger people.

However, tobacco is harmful, and you can teach younger generations more by what you do than what you say.

I love this is one, an excellent reason to stop smoking. You’ll help prevent youngsters from falling into that trap of being dependent upon tobacco, a habit that’ll bring them nothing but harm.

To stop smoking can be hard.

..Avoiding restarting is even harder

Dr Scott Trapman is a primary care physician at Pacific Medical Centers (PacMed) Seattle (USA)  who helps patients with a full range of issues, from well-child visits and preventive care to family planning, diseases of ageing and osteopathic manipulative treatment. But one of his passions is helping people quit smoking.

He asserts that “Smoking causes chronic bronchitis, emphysema and lung cancer. When it comes to COVID-19, smokers and vape users are much more likely to suffer serious complications or death than healthy non-users”.

Prevailing Evidence

Evidence also suggests that once a person quits using tobacco products for twenty years, their risk of heart attack, stroke or cancer becomes equal to the risks faced by non-smokers.

So it’s always worth it to try to cut back.” If you’re considering switching from cigarettes to a different tobacco consumption method to improve your health, Dr Trapman suggests you reconsider. “I don’t believe that some tobacco products are less likely to cause harm,” he says further: “Snuffs, dips, chews and plugs cause head and neck cancers”.

Vaping causes an inflammation of the lung (pneumonitis) that can be life-threatening.

Of course, all products containing nicotine — including gums and patches — may lead to hypertension, coronary artery disease (heart attacks), strokes and peripheral arterial disease.

Based on personal experience, whenever I stop smoking using tobacco products, the physical withdrawal symptoms only last three to five days. On occasion, I managed to get through those initial physical withdrawal symptoms but still return to smoking.

To avoid “falling off the wagon”, you need to have a solid plan or the proper support in place. It is important to make a plan. A smoke break is dedicated ‘me’ time, and your brain will miss that break if you don’t fill in the time with a replacement activity.

Plan for those temptations before they come

Contemplating quitting is the first step

Set a quit date is the next.

Pick a date seven to ten days in the future, so you have time to make a plan.

Enrol in a smoking cessation program

Which is your strongest reason to Stop Smoking

We have explored the reasons for quitting smoking and see how detrimental smoking can be to health if you a smoker considering smoking cessation. Which of the above reasons appeals to you most.

For the ex-smokers, which reason was most telling in the decision to stop smoking.

Finally, for the non-smokers, which one of the above reasons did you find most irritating?



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